Autumn’s Splendor Copper Pendant



Formed from a real porcelainberry leaf, this unique pendant permits you to carry a bit of the splendor of autumn with you wherever you go, in any season. A rainbow of gorgeous iridescent colors play across the surface of this pendant, which was painstakingly modeled in copper metal clay on a real porcelainberry leaf. The clay was then refined and kiln-fired to produce this solid copper pendant, which is strung on a chain reminiscent of the vines from which the leaf grew. The glorious gold and reds are a heat patina; polishing this pendant will remove the colors and result in a shiny copper appearance (also delightful).

Pendant is approximately 1.5″ by 4″, and is strung on a 22″ iron chain with a dark green-bronze patina that is extendable by approximately 4″ to accommodate different necklines.

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